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Training and retraining is very vital to the increase in productivity of any establishment. There are various levels of training, ranging from management training to sales training. A company with employees, who have project management skills, is a company with an important asset.
### Training helps to expand the knowledge base of your workers, it helps them to work confidently, it boosts their moral, it increases productivity and reduce wastages. *** *** ## THE BENEFITS OF TRAINING WORKERS *** ### IMPROVES PERFORMANCE When an employee knows exactly what to do and how to do it, he executes such task with a higher level of confidence. Whenever a task is performed confidently, performance is enhanced. This is because, knowledge is power. Always expose your workers to the necessary training that world make them understand their responsibilities in the company. *** *** ### IMPROVES SATISFACTION Training your employees makes them feel important and valued by your company. Because of the feelings at the back of their minds about the company’s effects towards improving their skills, they would tend to show appreciation by way of quality delivery of the services. They would feel satisfied about what they do. *** *** ### BOOSTS MORALE When an employee is trained, his moral is boosted and he works confidently. Nothing is as bad as being ignorant of what to do, thus, when an employee understands his responsibilities in his roles, he performs optimally. *** *** ### ADDRESSES WEAKNESSES Employees are different and are skilled differently. Some are more skilled than others. Those who are more skilled tend to feel cheated when more assignments are given to them. Thus, this weakness should be addressed by way of training and retraining. Training creates an organized workspace. When trained, some employees no longer depend on others to execute their tasks; they carry out such tasks confidently on themselves. Training makes team work have value and makes workers be able to work with minimal supervision. *** *** ### IMPROVES CONSISTENCY In a situation where employees carry out certain tasks by trial and error, the company stands to lose a lot of resources. Training helps the employees to have adequate knowledge of the responsibilities and enables them to execute such responsibilities consistently. Consistency is very relevant to the establishment’s policies. *** *** ### REFERENCE: [Project management]( *** ***
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