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A lot of entrepreneurs do miss this concept and on the long run ruined their businesses. The phrase was coined to convince customers that they will get good service at this company and convince employees to give customers good service. But this phrase has turned to give the worst service to customers. When you say that a customer is always right, that means you can ridicule your business just to satisfy a customer. However, you need to listen to your customers and put their suggestions into assessment to see the impact the suggestions would have on your business.
![baner bonito.png]( ### REASONS WHY YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT *** 1 It Makes Employees Unhappy 2 It Gives Abrasive Customers an Unfair Advantage 3 Some Customers Are Bad for Business 4 It Results in Worse Customer Service 5 Some Customers Are Just Plain Wrong ![baner bonito.png]( ### IN DETAILS *** *** ### 1 IT MAKES EMPLOYEES UNHAPPY As a business leader, avoid making your employees to believe that the customer is always right so not to make them dejected. Rather than take side with a customer, support your employees especially when they’ve done all they should in the best possible ways. By supporting your employees, you boost their morale and ego. They become happy to provide the best services ever to your customers. When your employees are happy, they would definitely make your customers happy. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 2 IT GIVES ABUSIVE CUSTOMERS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE When a customer is fed with the notion that he is always right, he can demand just about anything, thus, making the tasks of your workers a bit difficult for them. When you give them this impression, they tend to take advantage and even when abusive to your staff, would get the best service. Rather than allow an abusive customer to ruin your changes in the market, treat the nice customers fairly well to keep them coming for more. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 3 SOME CUSTOMERS ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS The high time you knew that not every customer is meant for you, the better for you. You have to accept the fact that not all customers are indispensable. Do well to freely allow an annoying customer to go than to let such paint your brand black. Customers who are abusive can kill the enthusiasm in your employees. It is sometimes sensible to lose a customer just to protect the company and its workforce. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 4 IT RESULTS IN WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE When you adopt the concept of the customer is always right, you’re definitely going to place your employees against your customers. This would happen because your employees would not be happy seeing you take sides with the customers against them. This can really make the employees to think that you value customers more than your workforce and as such can do things the way they like. This kind of act when repeated often would annoy your employees, thus, making them to give the worse kind of service to customers. When you put the employees first, they put the customers first. Ensure to consider your employees first so as to be happy to offer their best to the customers. When you make your employees happy, they have more energy and are motivated to serve. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 5 SOME CUSTOMERS ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG You and your team know better about the products or services your business offers, not the customer. The customer may frown over certain unrealistic expectation from your services, but you know better. Some customers do go as far as giving suggestions about the processes they do not even know much about. It is your place to enlighten your customer not to think that he/she is right always. However, ensure that you establish before customers politely, that as the producer, you know better and also enlighten them on the details of the product and service you offer to help them understand your expertise and that of your employees. ![baner bonito.png]( ### REFERENCE: [Huffing Post]( ![baner bonito.png](
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