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Happy employees are healthier and more productive, thus, the importance of having fun in the workplace should not be overemphasized. Employees happily work with employers that give them room to have fun and refresh themselves at work. They want likeable leaders who understand their pain points, listen to them and can motivate them to work in order to get the best outcome.
![baner bonito.png]( ### POINTS TO CONSIDER *** 1 It stimulates creativity 2 It is a stress reliever 3 It increases productivity 4 It increases employee retention 5 Customers like enthusiasm 6 It increases communication ![baner bonito.png]( ### IN DETAILS *** *** ### 1 IT STIMULATES CREATIVITY This is actually true. When you play your mind is free enough to learn more. Fun is a vital part of creativity. There are possibilities that workers can be improved when what they do are enjoyable. Play can also stimulate imagination, helping people adapt and problem solve. When what you do is enjoyable and in a relax mode, you tend to learn more from it and give in your very best. The fact is, the right brain works best when freed up, especially during times of play. Some fun time free workers up for more productivity. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 2 IT IS A STRESS RELIEVER Fun relieves stress and anxiety. Being too serious over tasks makes one dull. There should be room for fun so as to create room for relief. It's been noticed that workers who are over stressed at work do likely take to alcohol as a way to relieve themselves of stress, but this is disastrous. Make room for fun to help your employees let go of stress. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 3 IT INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY A sad employee cannot be productive at all. However, a happy employee is a productive employee. Happiness enhances healthy living and healthy living promotes productivity. Fun is essential for stress control; when you have fun, the effects of stress and anxiety is avoided. As the effect of stress and anxiety reduces, the risk of heart disease is reduced too. When an employee is free from all forms of anxiety, his performance would generally increase. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 4 IT INCREASES EMPLOYEE RETENTION When you create an enjoyable workplace increases retention of workers and this is the easiest and most affordable way to don't so. Offering some forms of financial incentives is on the high side, thus, take to enjoyable work environment as a way to get your employees stick around. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 5 IT INCREASES COMMUNICATION Your employees would not like to mention their workplace in any discussion when such a workplace is such a boring one. However, when a workplace is lively and enjoyable, they would easily tell people about it. Advocates act as a powerful force in shaping the public perception of an organization. When employees have fun, they tend to enjoy their jobs and can easily tell others of their experiences. ![baner bonito.png]( ### REFERENCE: [American Express]( ![baner bonito.png](
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