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"My beloved, stand firm and immovable and work for the Lord always, work without limit, since you know that in the Lord your labour cannot be lost" (1 Corinthians 15:58, NEB)


To occupy is to take responsibility and be completely in charge of one's territory or sphere of influence like army of occupation. Exercising dominion so as to be larger in number, power, status or importance is a construct that accepts no excuse for non-performance. For one to effectively occupy, there are few things, the person must be at home with, namely: 

[a] Who gave the directive? 
[b] What the assignment really entails. 
[c] The opportunities inherent in the task 
[d] The possible limitations to be encountered. 
[e] Any particular instruction to watch out for. 
[f] Highlighting the key success factors to work on. 
In the above text, two calls are made: (1) A call for empowerment and (2) A call for accountability. The servants must have had a previous call, which is a call for education, training, discipleship or apprenticeship. Those are phases of life of the elects. The parable makes us understand that a number of us have been called, trained, empowered and placed in our duty posts: market-place, workshop, Ministry, office, career or professional duty-post. The name does not matter so much but what matters is what you are actually doing: attitude, motive, goal and aspirations. That is what the second call phase is billed to determine. Three categories of people emerged when the king returned in the text:
 (1) Excellent. 
(2) Popular [Average]. 
(3) Poor Performance. 

There is none that is destined to any group. It is by choice and work specificity. The first received accolades and the second was compensated adequately as well but the third was bashed and punished accordingly. This was a parable of the Lord for the end time. Whatever you are doing is going to be judged by He who understands everything. Choose wisely. So for you to be able to occupy effectively, you must choose wisely.

Whatever you are doing at your duty-post will be judged at the end. There is no respect of persons.

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