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No company was established to be stagnant. Productivity is what every company want. To achieve this, certain conditions must to be adhered to. Of such conditions is the employment of qualified workers, training and retraining of workers, provision of checklist for manufacturing processes and many others.
*** *** ### CONTENTS 1 Eliminate material wastage 2 Improve workers’ Training 3 Quantify Everything 4 Organize Everything 5 Standardize Work *** ### DETAILED VIEW *** ### 1 ELIMINATE MATERIAL WASTAGE The use of skilled workers has a way of reducing wastages. This is because processes would not be based on trial and error. One way of reducing wastages is to use minimal material right from the onset. Before every design is carried out, there should be working drawings to it, done using suitable engineering software. Also, it is not every factory’s useless materials that are waste in real sense. Some waste in your factory can be materials for another factory, thus, learn to either recycle or sell off useless materials. Ensure that available materials are efficiently utilized. *** *** ### 2 IMPROVE WORKERS’ TRAINING This is very important if the company must maintain its place in the market. Costumers are exposed to every other product in the market and can easily change mind to patronize any product that pleases them. So, it is imperative to train your workers to acquire the skills needed to align with the current trend. Moreover, new machines and mode of operation are changing by the day, thus, your workers need to be acquainted with the new technologies. *** *** ### 3 QUANTIFY EVERYTHING Let every manufacturing process be quantified. Take cognizance of material cost, repair cost, maintenance cost and raw material cost. This will guide in the process of quantifying production. Assign numbers to every aspect of manufacturing in order to be able to find out easily which area needs urgent attention. *** *** ### 4 ORGANIZE EVERYTHING When tools are well organized, workspace is decent and processes can flow normally. Let everything useful during processes be well arranged and kept where they can easily be found for use. Thus, tools should have their recognized places, files should be properly stored where everyone qualified to access them can do so with ease. Waste materials should be kept for recycling away from the workspace. *** *** ### 5 STANDARDIZE WORK When tasks are standardized, efficient is maximized. Provide a checklist and place it in each work, then ensure that the checklist is followed strictly for maximization. When this is ensured, downtime can be reduced and product quality can be improved. *** *** ### REFERENCE: [Eagle group manufacturers]( *** ***
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