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"His mother answered and said, 'No, he shall be called John.' But they said to her, 'There is no one among your relatives who is called by this name'" (Luke 1:60-61)


Tradition is a specific practice of long standing, an inherited pattern of thought or action. It is also adherence to what is commonly accepted (Online 
dictionary. com). Many elects are captive of the old order. New ideas or fresh vision is abhorred by them as satanic and demonic in-roads to the body of Christ. Whenever men have taken their seats as enforcers of tradition, the results have always been retardation, backwardness 
and sub-normality. Individual families, communities and nations that find it difficult to adapt to changes or prepare for innovative trends often go into extinction. 
     Jesus told the disciples that there are many things to teach but they were not ready, when the Holy Spirit will come, He will lead them to all truths. That statement of Christ means that Christianity as a faith is to be progressive, as the Spirit gives revelations from time to time. When God decides to enlarge a life, family, a people or nation, God will first start by changing the status quo. Many people find it difficult to accept changes it didn't begin today. When Elizabeth was asked to give a name for her son as the 
husband was dumb, she said "JOHN". The relatives and family could not accept that name because it was strange in their family circle. When they wanted the husband's confirmation, he wrote "JOHN" and immediately his tongue was released. They accepted God's word over family 
      Some Christians are fixated on their tradition. Anybody who will accept God's work above the tradition of men will be 
lifted above tradition. The miracle of Zachariah was a function of accepting the word of God over holding on to the tradition of family. Many Christians have been limiting God by holding on to family factors in relation to marriage, profession, residential location, church, friendship, company, vocation and the likes. What is that tradition that is keeping you in bondage? It is important to give the Holy Spirit opportunity in your live, for Him to direct your life rather than holding strictly to the traditions of men.

God wants to have a say on every department of a Christian life.

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