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### Leadership is everything in business; failure in leadership equals failure in business. ### Every leader has a vision. If you want to see success as a leader, you need to effectively share your vision and ideas. A vision tells your employees or coworkers why they are working for your organization. It paints a picture of success. It's the dream or goal everyone is working towards. ### The vision is the destination, and your leadership is the driver on the road towards that objective. So how can you share your vision in a way that will inspire people to hope in the car and drive towards your goal with you? ![baner bonito.png]( ### POINTS TO CONSIDER 1 Model the courage of the vision 2 Share your vision along with the measures to take to actualize it 3 Don't pretend to have it all figured out 4 Be concise ![baner bonito.png]( ### DETAILS *** *** ### 1 MODEL THE COURAGE OF THE VISION *** As a leader, you need to share your vision and walk in line with the vision. Let your actions speak of the vision you shared. When you share your vision, it doesn’t mean there would be no challenges, challenges would come, but be courageous and stand firm to ensure that your vision come to pass. Changing things are not always that easy. Just note that it is your duty to lead the vision through. Ensure that you lead your team towards the actualization of the goals of the company. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 2 SHARE YOUR VISION ALONG WITH THE MEASURES TO TAKE TO ACTUALIZE IT *** Where most leaders get it wrong is when they share vision without clarity on how to make it come to pass. No matter how big and exciting your vision is, if there is no direction to follow to actualize it, it would amount to failure. Sharing vision is like giving a puzzle; you should be able to equally share the final picture of it. What do you want your team to achieve? How are they going to achieve it? All these and many more are the considerations you should take. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 3 DON'T PRETEND TO HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT *** Some if not most leaders do fail when they share their visions as though they’ve even achieved it already. To share your vision, be open for collaboration; your vision is just your idea, let others contribute their ideas to the actualization of it. No matter what, everyone is important. Share your vision, the possible ways you think it can be achieved, the possible challenges that may come with it, etc. Collaboration and insight can create a stronger buy-in for everyone in your team once you start to see the client's feedback creating more value. Your team all have a stake in the vision, which builds an intrinsic motivation to participate. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### 4 BE CONCISE *** When sharing your vision, do well to be humorous and concise about it. Taking too much of time when sharing your vision can be boring to the team and they make lose interest in the vision. Note that they would not get on board with vision they do not understand. Positivity will translate to higher productivity and engagement. Be positive when talking about your vision, express your commitment. Make everything flexible. *** ![baner bonito.png]( *** ### REFERENCE: [I N C]( ***
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