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One Day of the Chrysanthemum Life



### Hi Serey! I remember in my childhood, when I was very small, I had a book, full of bright pictures. She was called very unusual - "If you sit quietly in the forest ..." It told about the many of forest animals, which you can see, if you are almost imperceptible in the forest ... ![DSCN0916.JPG]( Over the course of my life, I realized that “sitting quietly” is a fundamental principle of observation. This applies both to nature, and to society. Today I invite you to look at the life of chrysanthemum and her friends. Notice, that you can already move and talk, because for the sake of this video I have already "sat quietly." **Camera: Nikon_W300** All media files in this articles created by @Dimarss *[CC Attribution-ShareAlike](* --- #### [Steemit]( | []( | [MINDS.COM]( | []( | []( | [YouTube]( | []( | [Whaleshares](
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