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financial attractiveness is the actual cake.


Women will admire a man with a six-pack. It is natural. But they often prefer to marry men with six-figure incomes. It is survival.

 As a man, your physical attractiveness is like icing on a cake. But your financial attractiveness is the actual cake. Women can eat cake without icing. But they can hardly eat icing without cake. So get six packs and six incomes. But if you cannot get both, just get the six figures. It will be more than enough! Love is not the core need of women. Just like you and I, the first thing they need is to ensure their survival. Every woman will love a fine boy. But I tell you what they need. They need a fine account. Imagine that one major bill knocks at her door. What can a fine boy do for her if he does not have a fine account? A fine boy with a fine account is ideal. Boy, that is not fine, but has a fine account is acceptable. But a boy who is fine but has no fine account is very unacceptable.

 Go and build your financial muscles, and stop thinking your six-pack will do the trick! 

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