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Liverpool won the match after going to extra time.


So friends, I have come to talk to you about football for another reason. The most talked about thing today is that Liverpool lost the match by conceding a goal in the last time. Liverpool became 10 in 26 minutes and nine in 69 minutes. Meanwhile, a goal by Luis Diaz was ruled out for offside. Despite all this, Jurgen Klopp's team was on the way to pick up a point from Tottenham. However, Liverpool lost today's match due to their fault.


 But the day didn't really belong to Liverpool. Otherwise, why would Joel Matip send the ball into his own net while resisting Pedro Porro's cross in the 96th minute of the match. Just before the final whistle, Liverpool lost 2-1 in Tottenham's field with Matip's suicide goal. Curtis Jones was shown a yellow card for a tackle on Yves Bissouma in the 26th minute of the match. But today the liver match was not sure, the match would have been a draw but because of their mistake, the match was lost.

 However, after seeing the replay, the referee showed the English midfielder a red card. Diaz then sent the ball into the Tottenham net but it was ruled out for offside. In the 36th minute, Tottenham went ahead with Son Heung-min's goal. However, Gakpo redeemed that goal before the break. Liverpool saved the offside flag in the net once again for Tottenham. I really like Liverpool's game. So far with football in today's match.
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