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Chicha of rice


### Today I bring you this rich recipe, economic and very nutritious. # Creole Rice Chicha
# Ingredients: • 4 cups of rice • 1 liter of water • 1 pinch of salt • 6 tablespoons of sugar • a cup of milk • 4 tablespoons of sugar • A can of condensed milk. ## Implement used • Blender
# Preparation: Wash the 4 cups of rice and let it soak for 24 hours, during the soaking, change the water. The next day, drain it, then crush the raw rice in a blender until it is small with a little water. When the ground rice is placed in a pot with a liter of water, add a pinch of salt and cook over medium heat with a paddle to avoid sticking, for about 35 minutes, let's see how the mixture is placed in very thick water, when it is soft, we remove it from the fire and cool it.
# Procedure of rice
When the rice is cold we liquefy again and little by little liquid milk and sugar spoons are added, we beat well and that's it.
Now to taste this delicious creole rice chicha. To serve, add the crushed ice and if it's your taste, add the cinnamon and the condensed milk. #### Measure for 5 glasses. # Bon Appetite! ### Thank you for reading. #
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