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Drawing "CERBERUS". with the technique of colors of creyon.



Hello friends of "SEREY", in this opportunity I wanted to make a character from the "Greek Mythology" as it is "Cerberus" Three-headed dog, the entrance to the kingdom of "ADES", this guard prevented the departure of the condemned, who were in the hell of "Ades", also prevented the entry of the living.

# "Cerbero".
# Step 1.
We made our sketch with the graphite pencil with the code "HB-2".

# Step 2 y 3.
Here in this step, I proceed to give the first layers of color, then go darkening little by little.
# Step 4.
The last test of "Hercules" was to capture Cerberus, "Orpheus" used his music to calm him down and put him to sleep, "Hermes" managed to sleep him using river water "Lete", in Roman mythology, "Aeneas" put him to sleep using honey cakes with drug. In a later Roman history, "Psyche" also slept him in the same way as "Aeneas", but none came to kill him.

# Presentation.

it was a great pleasure to share this artistic work, wishing all of you many successes in your publications and as always I say goodbye with this thought.
# "A day of smiles, it's a well-lived day."
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