Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

My Introduction to Sereyians



Hello Sereyians,




Well, if you are already on Steemit or/and Hive blockchains, then you might already know me as coolguy123, for others, this is Raghavendra from India with username coolguy123 and I am a Crypto enthusiast, sports lover and a BIG fan of Splinterlands blockchain game currently part of Hive blockchain.


I have been an active blogger about sports, gaming and Cryptos on Hive and sometimes on Steemit as well.


I am also there on Blurt Blockchain as well with the same username!!!!!


Few days back, one of my Hive friend told about the Serey blockchain and blogging platform and I was quite interested because of the ideology of Serey that, it talks about freedom of speech and censorship and unbiased blogging.


The First 2 I mentioned are already being achieved on Hive Blockchain as well and I am happy to be here and try my level best to publish genuine blogs either related to my interests I mentioned above or some common topics other than that.


So, that's a bit about me, on my professional front, I work as a freelancer and utilize my time to write some blogs and be active on blockchain games on Splinterlands on Hive.


Looking forward to interact with you all as I move along and a BIG thanks to the person who told me about this Blockchain(although, I couldn't find that person's details).


Happy to see the crosschain posting option on Steemit and Hive. This will be very handy for someone like me who is active on those Blockchains as well.


Wishing everyone the best and looking forward to interacting and supporting you all and vice versa :)

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