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Recipe for making Semai Pitha


Hello Friends Asaalamu Alaikum is how the condition is everyone, I hope all is well in the grace of great Rabul Alamin, I am very well in your prayers and Alhamdulillah is a lot better in your prayer and in the grace of Allah. The recipe of creating semi cakes firstly, I have brought two packets to the market from the market, then I broke the Semai and put a coconut with a beautiful plate,

and I have made a døre beautifully with sugar eggs. When the doo is made, I have made it a cake like my own shape, you can score or use it like your wish, then I have left all the cakes in a pot. When the whole cake is made, I put the pot in the oven and you have warmed the oil with adequate oil, then we've got the back of the back of the brown color. When the backs were fried, I kept them to cool,

1 liter of milk in another pot of milk, with two tiny tempa sugar cardamomed and the milk started to fake well. When a liter of milk has become a half liter, I gave the backs to him because I now create a lot of fun to eat it with cakes on milk. I have taken milk for half a half till the milk, then I put the pot on the oven and stopped the fire for a while, then I took it away from the oven and served with everyone, my cakes made with my semai.

I hope that my step-step is sharing every photography, how can you realize how the cakes are made with cakes, this was my recipe to stay well, keeping good health like this today, I am relieving this like today, Allah Hafiz Asasalamu Alaqum W Rahmatullahi W. Barakatuhu.
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