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Cap ork - Original Drawing


Hi friends from
This is the typical bad orc of every medieval episode. 
Este es el tipico orco malo de todo episodio medieval. 

Cap ork  
I like medieval stories, those where the imagination is the main protagonist, the orcs are alarming, hostile-looking characters and on many occasions they are branded as brave warriors. 
> Me gustan las historias medievales, esas donde la imaginacion es el principal protagonista, los orcos son personajes de aspecto alarmante, hostiles y en muchas ocasiones los tildan de valientes guerreros. 

The materials used were a blue ink pen, sketchbook and some imagination hehe. 

Black and white




With this I say goodbye friends until the next time, I hope you like it, happy day! 
> Con esto me despido amigos hasta una proxima ocasion, espero te guste 
¡feliz dia! 

I also shared this drawing on my art blog at a few days ago 
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@huascargarcia I hope you like it, my content, a big hug for everyone.

¡¡Happy day by chester!!

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