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Sayeed bhagat singh.

## This is a statue of Bhagat Singh. He was a great patriot and freedom fighter of India. This statue located in my area. Probably you know I live in a village and there is a market in front of my village, Name is Mahagama market. This is a popular market in my district. Then I was there for some stuff I saw this statue and suddenly thought to click some pictures. Finally, I clicked down. I never get bored with the camera. I don't have any particular camera. Obivisiouly I use my phone for click picture. When time spends by clicking picture I cant notice. This statue is situated in the middle of four roads so it pretty much helps for traffic. Photo clicked by @charliechain

# some information about Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh was a great person and a great freedom fighter. I little-bit read about him. Bhagat Singh's age was not much. He was only 23 years old when he hanged by the British government. Probably you know we(Indian ) were not free. We were a servant of the British government but some fearless freedom fighter fight against the British government and did free us. We can't forget him forever. Oh, I was talking about Bhagat Singh. Actually, he born on Sept 28, 1907, in Banga Panjab. Now its Pakistan but that time it was India. His father name was Sardar Kishan and mother vidyawati. His uncle was also a patriot. Bhagat Singh was brave from childhood and even his thought was different. He doesn't like being a servant. When he vaccine young raised voice and fight against Britisher. Britishers scared from him. One day he arrested and Britishers hanged him. The day was March 23, 1931, and time evening at 7:33 pm. They were singing when they going for hang also they were saying loudly" Inklab zindabad." Bhagat Singh and his two friends Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged that day by Britisher. We Indian can't forget that day when the son of the nation died. Wait, what is the meaning of "InKlab zindabad". >Ohh yes I gotta answer. Inquilab Zindabad is a Hindustani phrase which translates to "Long live the revolution!" This slogan was coined by the Urdu poet and Indian freedom fighter Maulana Hasrat Mohani in 1921.
Photo editing by snapseed. I do like this app pretty much. There are a good feature and helpful tool there. I do appreciate the developer of this app. I think Google developed this. When I get time I try to edit and try to make something different. I think my post going long. # Thank you for reading guys. # I hope you liked. ![IMG_20190427_133731.jpg](
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