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Error in state bank of india..


In India, State Bank of India is most popular and trustable Bank. This bank is directly connected with reserve Bank of India. I am also an account holder of this Bank.

So today I am gonna talk about a new update of this Bank.


There is a system of withdrawing and balance inquiry. This one is AEPS( Aadhaar enable payment system) . In this system using aadhaar and finger print account holder can withdraw money or check balance in account.

This is very good system holders don't need to visit everytime for these works.

The Aadhaar Enable payment system works if your Aadhaar is linked with your Bank account.

For few months even aadhaar is linked with the Bank however money is not withdrawing why?

The reason is according to new rule mobile number also should be linked with bank.

If mobile no is linked with bank account money will be withdraw within second.


What is benefits of mobile number linked with bank.

Scammers are trying to cheat people people different way every day. If mobile no is linked with bank, the holder can get the notification triggers. So it's help from fraudulent.

Also it's help with balance inquiry and during aeps holder can know how much money is getting withdraw from retailer.

Some retailers are also trying to cheat , they withdrawing extra money , so it's help in different ways.

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