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Md aamir retired now.


![image_search_1564232202610.jpg]( [Source]( Pakistan's famous left-handed spinner bowler Mohammad Amir did announce the last Friday to retire from test matches. He also said that he will like to play on limit overs. Now Amir is 27 years old and he singed before that he will retire from test matches and will consider his mind on one-day matches and T-20 matches. Pakistan cricket board said," It is a pleasure to respect of sports according to culture. Amir said i decided to retire because i wanna consider my goal to white ball of cricket. Amir totally played 36 test matches and got 119 wickets by his awesome bawling. He played 59 one day matches and 49 T-20 matches too. Recently in the ICC world cup, he got 15 wickets against England. First-time Amir played test in July, 2009 in Shri Lanka. Mohammad Hafiz and Soeb Malik are also retired from test match and they are considering on one-day matches. ![IMG_20190722_153506.jpg](
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