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Mother Nature Shows Her Terrifyingly Beautiful Display Of Lightning.

![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T185050.051.png]( ### Mother Nature Shows Her Terrifyingly Beautiful Display Of Lightning. A spectacular display of the power all around us that reminds me that we are just a small Ant in the grass. [All Image Source]( ### Lightning Facts. Light travels at 670,000.000mph, a lightning strike travels at 270,000mph. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T190254.943.png]( It would take 55 mins for lightning to travel to the moon. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T190143.187.png]( When Lightning hits a beach it fuses the grains of sand together and creates a glass tube called Fulgurite. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T190054.045.png]( The place that has been hit by Lightning the most is Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T190005.214.png]( Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has thunderstorms that happen 140 / 160 nights per year. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T185917.602.png]( Around the World, there are more than 3,000,000 Lightning Flashes per day. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T185817.792.png]( The average length a Lightning bolt is around 2 / 3 miles long. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T185649.641.png]( When we look up at Lightning in the sky it looks to be thick strikes but the lightning is an average of 2 - 3 cm wide. ![Untitled design - 2019-02-20T185613.902.png]( The heat that travels through the lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. 30,000 oC Thank you... [All Image Source]( [Information Source]( ![Congrats! (1).png](!%20(1).png) ![(837) 8271 9811 _ (918) 9827 983 (2).png](
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