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Prepare your mind first to have money in abundance


There are people who believe that the lack of money is due to the economy of a country, the situation of how they grew up as children and many more excuses that we have seen and heard throughout life, where envy makes many times We only envy the one who has money, but we do not know the sacrifice that the other person made to have that money.


As the title of this post says: Prepare your mind first to have money in abundance, why should we prepare mentally before having money? Because many times we have blamed the lack of money for our problems, I will tell you a little story.

A certain young man complained about life, about his bad luck at not having money. He went to the limit of drinking every day to forget about his financial problems, but because of this problem he lost his partner and children. Until one day friends from college helped him out of alcoholism. This young man recovered, visited his children, found a job again.

But one day a lawyer came to his door looking for him, informed him that he was the owner of an inheritance, the young man was surprised because his parents were poor, he did not understand where that inheritance came from. The lawyer explains that his grandfather had a child out of wedlock, since he never had a child, he donated part to charitable situations and another to the closest family member who was alive, that is you. This young man received the inheritance, the first thing he did was invite all his neighborhoods and friends to celebrate, buy good clothes and eat food outside, what his words that came out of his mouth were “There is money, what is missing is time to spend it ”.

Until one day his inheritance came to an end, he had only $ 1000 left. He saw the casino, he wanted to try his luck to quickly recover his inheritance, but in the casino he had the bad luck of losing up to the $ 1000 he had left. He came to an alley where he met his old friend with whom he drank only one drink led him to ruin plus the guilt of losing all his money, no one knew more about him.


With this story we can see that sometimes it is not that you do not have money that does not make you get ahead, but that we must educate and prepare our mind to the abundance of money, how to manage, educate ourselves financially because if you cannot manage $ 100 who can say that you can better manage $ 1000 or even more?

Because as always happens the more we have the more we spend, we have no limits, nor a control of our expenses, we do not know where our money is going, and if we do not have a budget that tells us our expenses that we can reduce, or investigate how to do it. grow our money, any money that falls into our hands will be to lose it, then it is not the situation we live in, it is the lack of preparation of our mind that we must do so that we can have money in abundance, then start activities that do not do such as earning money, how to manage it.

I would like to know what you think about this topic?

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