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Let's stop being conformist : let's change the mentality


This time I want to tell you a story that sometimes in life does not happen and we do not realize them, it is the sad story of a donkey and a carrot.

On a farm, a farmer adopted a small donkey, from that day he taught him to walk the donkey by placing a carrot in front of him with a rope that was in front of the donkey without him grabbing it, the animal intensely desired the desire to eat that donkey. carrot and he was propelling himself forward. From there, every time the owner wanted the donkey to move to move the heavy merchandise, he just placed the carrot in front of him, where the owner got rid of punishing the donkey, he was very calm on his trip, so he passed the months and years.




One day the owner tied the donkey on a pole, to which he later loaded it with merchandise and used his old tactic, but this time the donkey got tired on the ground, the annoying owner punished the animal, what he did was to suffer to the poor old donkey, tired of chasing a carrot that he never got to taste, it was observed that the donkey gave up the long-awaited dream of chasing that juicy carrot.

What the owner did was go to the market and buy a young donkey that he was selling, he bought it and put it in place of the old donkey, who got on the old donkey along with the load. Then he cut a fresh carrot slices and gave it to the new donkey to try, the flavor of the carrot fired on the donkey, who when he saw the rest of the carrot in front of him was encouraged to chase it, in this way he pulled the cart without being whipped by its owner.

The owner happy again, he just thought that stupidest animals settle for so little ...


In life sometimes the same thing happens that for a small motivation many people work like a donkey, just to get a piece of carrot. In my country, Venezuela, I have told him that a worker of a public entity works for a salary of less than a dollar, which he does not give to get food. For a while I was in that group where for just one payment I worked 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Sometimes many people do not give up as it happened to me because I was accustomed to a 15 and a last, it had already become a habit in my life, I was afraid of leaving the comfort zone.

This attitude of being behind a carrot we do from the beginning of learning through the family, tradition, education, the molds of an era, they form us so that we are part of a vast mass of irrelevant beings that will make the least valued jobs, the lowest paid. Where to get out of that we must clear our minds, of the things that I do not put in our mind, stop following a social mass, or stay in the comfort zone for fear of the new, of what we have never experienced.

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