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Frozen.- Resume


The moments that I rest, it is time to share a movie with my girl. Apart from helping me because I rest, I take advantage of more time with my daughter ... At the same time I produce because from there my mind focuses on the film so as not to lose any detail to bring it here for you, as well as I analyze the learning of the film , I tell my daughter, but as extensive as I do in e post. Today we saw Frozen.

This is a movie that I enjoyed in 2013 in a cinema, what a time when I wanted to share a movie in the cinema, now due to the covid I prefer to share it from my room with my daughter ...



This story begins with two sisters who want to play, her sister Elsa has powers to create ice, one night her sister Ana invites her to play making snowmen, but at a time when they were both playing, Ana almost slipped, Elsa gets scared and throws snow but her magic hits Ana's head, to which she calls her parents, they realize, they are taken to a colony of Trolls where Ana is cured, but the magic of Elsa repressed from her mind .

Due to the fear that Elsa began to feel for hurting her sister from there she closed herself in her room, from there two sisters were separated by a Gift of magic.

Every day Ana knocks on her sister's door, Elsa, where she invites her to play, or if they make her a doll, Elsa does what she does is isolate her sister for fear of hurting her.

When the girls are a little older, their parents make a trip, where they never returned their ship was lost, to which the castle closes doors and windows, until Elsa reaches the age when she can assume the reign the doors remain closed. But Elsa's great fear of taking control comes true, and she chills her people, but she escapes without realizing the damage she caused, these adventures of two sisters in search of her destiny.


It is a film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, released in 2013, the main characters who participated in this film were Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana and Josh Gad. This was twice awarded an Oscar in the category of Animated Film and Best Original Song.


  • This beautiful story that tells how great is the love of two sisters who both sacrifice themselves, First it was Elsa who sacrificed herself to lock herself in her room and never see her sister Ana hers again, so as not to return to hurt her.

While Ana is sacrificed at the end when her suitor goes to beat Elsa, Ana gets in the way, stops thinking and thinks about her sister. That love between sisters was so strong that she broke the magic, Ana picked it up. Other teachings that we can observe in this movie are:

  • Bad decision of the parents: The parents for fear that Elsa would not control her powers separated her from Ana, causing Elsa to become frustrated in those powers, feel insecure, sad, fear of hurting her sister, when she was happy and together . with her sister, she took that magic with fun. When there is a problem in the family we must not isolate it, we must solve it together as a family.

  • Hide: Parents when they saw Elsa's magic they wanted to hide it, they shouldn't do that. If one of your children is different, he cannot hide it, he must explain why his way of being, without fear from anyone, will judge you.

  • Act of love: the act of true love does not only occur between a couple, it can be like that of a sister, just as it happened in the movie. We are always used to seeing the Disney movie that the act of true love is the kiss of a prince, this time they changed that part, they placed themselves between sisters.

  • Do not let anyone take away your dream: You must always dream at the top to fulfill your goals and your dreams and you must not let yourself be carried away by others to say that you cannot do anything, it is impossible, this part can be seen when Olaf wants to know the summer, when a snowman in summer would die.

  • Different: Not different is bad, we cannot hide, because when that happens we can frustrate it and not see the good side of being different, for fear of judging.

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