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The Rainbow Earth jalaksana, New Tourism in Exotic Brass



The most delicious looking for a unique tourist spot for a vacation. One of them is Bumi Pelangi Jalaksana, Kuningan, West Java. In addition to being packed with current trends, Bumi Pelangi also has its own unique variety. In fact, it will certainly make you feel at home for a long time here.
# •New Tourism in Kuningan. ![image]( Source
Homecoming or just a vacation to Kuningan during the new year can be one of the best choices. Especially in this region you can find a variety of the latest tours and of course fun to visit. For example, just like the Kuningan Garden and Remis Lake. Eits! But it's not only those two tourist attractions that you can get in one of the districts in West Java.There is one more new tour in Kuningan. Bumi Pelangi Jalaksana, his name.
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Because it is still relatively new, the construction of several facilities is still in the planning stage. For example, with the discourse to establish a food court which will be open for 24 hours.In addition, a vehicle for children to adults will also be built.
# •Modern and Instagenic Packed. ![image]( Source
Even though it's still new, but don't look at this Kuningan tour with one eye. Because as soon as you get here, admiration may come directly to you. Not only will you watch the eyes soothing. As added value, you will be treated to many cool photo spots here. Modernly packaged by presenting colorful colors like a rainbow, it feels a shame if you miss the selfie action in this place. After satisfied photos in the colorful area, you can immediately explore some of the other spots on the Rainbow Earth. For example, on the stairs to the viewing post
# •The coolness of Eve on the Jalaksana Rainbow Earth. ![image]( Source
One more interesting thing about Bumi Pelangi is that it is located in an open area. You can imagine how unique it is, right? Interestingly, this Kuningan tourist attraction is at the foot of Mount Ciremai. So don't be surprised if the cool weather will catch you when you are here.The combination of green natural colors and rainbow-like shades from this place feels very harmonious. As far as the eye can see, you will definitely be amazed by this panorama.While sitting relaxed on one of the benches provided at the location, you can also watch the beautiful scenery while feeling the soothing cool air.
# •Location and Price of Entrance Tickets in Jalaksana Rainbow Earth.
Interested in visiting Bumi Pelangi? You can come to Babakanmulya Village, Jalaksana District, Kuningan Regency, West Java.If from the center of Kuningan City, the travel time is approximately 28 minutes drive. The fastest path you can use is through Jalan Dr. Ir. Soekarno. How about the ticket price? While the budget you need to provide is around five thousand rupiah.
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