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Horse tread flower



Today I am in a sandy land area, I visited one of the fish ponds belonging to my family and I could see many flowers on the horseshoe blooming here. horseshoe flowers often grow in sandy soil areas and pond embankments are hardly visible because they are almost filled with horse tread flowers.
![QmdnuncTAzvvNdNkgnyEBNHe32qGHFvVkA45DbBvNns1XH.jpeg]( ___ ___ ![QmSRoeACZannzkzwfbheuod9fK7Mj9SMyRojrkj9dYZGFP.jpeg](
This is very interesting, farmers intentionally did not pull it out and the roots of the tread horse are believed to be able to hold the embankment of the pond. the flower is very colorful and I was in one of the areas on Aceh today.
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