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Benefits of eggplant vegetables



Hello guys, come back with me @calmsoul, and on this occasion I want to introduce eggplant vegetables with several health and skin benefits. Eggplant population is already not foreign among our society. It is said that plants originating from India & Sri Lanka but can thrive in Indonesia have many benefits ... There are several types of eggplant vegetables, there are small round green eggplants, and there are also yellowish green eggplants and fruit like areca nuts commonly called with Dutch eggplant, but the eggplant that we discussed this time is eggplant which has an oval and long purple fruit shape ... !!! And this is some of the benefits of this eggplant:
![1feb40de875126daf29f4591a1bc224c.jpg]( **Remove acne** *By containing lots of substances & vitamins in it, eggplant can also make natural ingredients to get rid of zits, how to make a mask.* **Smooths & whitens the skin** *For every woman, white & fine skin is a dream. Make it a variety of ways to do one of them with the benefits of purple eggplant which is used as a face mask. The way the purple eggplant has been mashed is mixed with plain yogurt. This mixture in the form of pasta is then made into a mask by applying it to the face & neck. Let stand for approximately 20-30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Use this purple eggplant mask regularly and regularly.* ![5206b205061574176626010e431520bc.jpg]( **Prevent premature aging** *This property is most loved by women. The antioxidant content of purple eggplant is very good for preventing premature aging caused by the development of free radicals in the body. By consuming a purple eggplant a woman can avoid the effects of premature aging so that it looks more youthful.* **Efficacious for fertility** *This eggplant has good nutrition for the body including vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, fat, minerals, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, & fiber. The amount of content, so this eggplant is efficacious if consumed regularly.*
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That is some of the benefits of eggplant, but this is specifically for women, because according to rumors I heard it is not good for men to consume too much this type of eggplant vegetables.

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