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Art work from pen ... !!! very amazing.



Hello fans of Naruto anime, you will always be enthusiastic about the cool images about the anime right? Even though the anime has finished but the fans of this anime are always there and it is proven that many of these fans intentionally redraw the characters in the anime as they want, like the pictures I will share below the fans' scribbled images look really cool even though like being crossed out nonsense. Intrigued by the picture and just look at the drawing of the pen that formed this Naruto anime character.

**GAARA KAZEKAGE** ![6e06d179b41ac556cab59a704d3b349d.jpg](

**UZUMAKI NARUTO** ![84c31b0e0e24794bb439d2a7465fb662.jpg](

**PAIN AKATSUKI (YAHIKO)** ![218e736d8ebbe92657cfa4dcb22e74ab.jpg](

**HATAKE KAKASHI** ![1fe8fa12f4f58deed9f63844e80d7631.jpg](

**How do the pen strokes above make you lose if you don't see and have the picture because I got the picture from @rara_dimas, where the account always posts unique pictures about anime.** ![profil-pics.jpg](

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