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Walking around Istanbul


Hi friends! ![]( The old streets of Uskudar. The Asian part of Istanbul. Uskudar is one of the main districts in the Asian part of Istanbul. It is located at the entrance to the Bosphorus, in the North bordered By Beykoz district, in the South-Kadikoy, in the South-East-Atasehir. Connects the European part of the Bosphorus bridge with a length of 1.5 km. Total area of 36 sq km and a population of 550 000 people. ![]( Uskudar stands on the site of the Greek city of Chrysoupolis, which was a suburb of Chalcedon (Kadikoy). Part of Istanbul became in 1543. For many years it was an important transport hub, from where caravans went to Mecca and Medina. ![]( You can get here by ferry from Eminonu pier, Karakoy and Besiktas. Coming off the ferry, you will immediately find yourself in front of the famous mosque Mihrimah Sultan, the creation of the great Sinan amazes with its romantic history and architecture. You can walk North along the coast, there is The Beylerbeyi Palace. ![]( Bosphorus is an amazing beauty of the Strait, which enchants all guests with its waters and contrasting beaches. Here in the neighborhood there are modern skyscrapers, fishing villages, majestic palaces and much more. All this is an excellent symbol of the fusion of luxury and poverty, antiquity and modernity. Thanks to the mirrored waters, this city gets a special charm that can not be compared with anything. Fishermen of Istanbul spend a lot of time here ![]( Interesting old house with Windows. Now in the old house café. This is Kadikoy, the Asian side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. To find out all the colors of Istanbul, you must visit Kadikoy. Kadikoy (tour. Kadıköy) is the oldest district in Istanbul. Back in the 7th century BC Dorians founded a city called Chalcedony, which translates as "kadiya village". Perhaps the name comes from the fact that this place was given to Kady (Prosecutor). Interestingly, the Fourth Ecumenical Council was held in this area in 451. And today in this area there are several Orthodox churches of Chalcedon metropolis, subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople. ![]( In Kadikoy there are many streets where not only sell Antiques, but just everything that falls into the hands. I liked the colorful chairs... That's what old-school shops look like. What here only there is no... ![]( Turkey is always a special relationship to cats. Even it is difficult to imagine their number. Feed them everywhere and all! Almost every office lives its beefy cat. It's like a tradition. Without a cat and life is bad!:) ![]( We walked in Eyup and met district fluffies. On every street corner fodder, but cats always be careful what you post and cautious. Have them between themselves their war:) ![]( Very emotional cats ![]( Now would be a dive, but could not take pictures... ![]( Waiting for the enemy. ![]( And yet one of the main wonders of Istanbul — Bosphorus — the Maritime border between Europe and Asia. Istanbul can not be imagined without the Bosphorus, it is the Bosphorus that gives Istanbul a special scope and breadth. ![]( I love everything related to water, and on the Bosphorus I just took my soul: the water space framed by picturesque shores, whitewashed on the horizon bridges, liners, dry cargo ships, yachts, boats, and a huge number of screaming gulls — all this will remain in my memory forever. ![]( ![]( To come to Istanbul and not to take a boat trip is unforgivable, the Bosphorus and Istanbul are inseparable, and without a walk along the beautiful Strait acquaintance with Istanbul will certainly be incomplete. ![]( Slowly approaching the Galata bridge. Visible on the European side of Istanbul. ![]( Galata tower is one of the oldest monuments of Istanbul. To the impressive height of the tower (61 meters, despite the fact that it was built in the 14th century!) added natural elevation of the hill of the same name — so that Galata perfectly visible from virtually any area of the Turkish capital. And of course, this "visibility" could not but affect the popularity of the design among tourists — look at the miracle of medieval architecture comes no less travelers than to other "promoted" sights of Istanbul. ![]( Galata bridge-the construction in Istanbul, which stretches across the wonderful beauty of the Bay-Golden horn, and includes a drawbar. The bridge is located opposite The new mosque and connects the embankment of Eminonu district and Karakoy district. The bridge is interesting because it has two floors. Fishermen are always a lot! Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+
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