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Love builds cities, castles and parks


 Hi friends!   

Today with you we will go to conquer the Park of love in Uman - "Sofievka". It is in Ukraine. Love works wonders with men, you can talk about it for hours.  When a man is in love, he does the most incredible things.  What should be a woman, so in her honor they built cities, parks, castles, arranged scores unprecedented luxury? She just needs to be born, for example, Witt Sophia Pototskaya.

The girl from Greece was so feminine and attractive, and smart, that very rarely find a combination of one woman - men from the simplest to the kings were at her feet. 

And you will not take away from Sophia Konstantinovna qualities of the intriguer and the lover of secular gatherings.

The Island Of Anti-CIRCE. Uman Sofiyivka. The Renaissance Style.

The birth of the Greek Sophia also gives a lot of options in history, all very nontrivial. She was able to confuse everyone with stories about his origins. Truly interesting woman with a twist! Sophia performed a lot of political tasks and coped well with it.

Sophia Konstantinovna created your interior in the circle itself, was doing just what she liked.  She managed a lot of Greek style to bring to our region.

Snake Fountain. Sofiyivka.

Sofiyivka is a great place for confessions of love and creative inspiration. People come from different cities and countries to see and breathe history. Here is where to roam - about 170 hectares.

 The place for the construction of the Park was chosen very successfully! River Kamianka, sources of clean natural water, oaks - there was dispersed architects and graphic designers, sculptors.

Count Stanislav Potocki loved his wife Sophia, she gave birth to 5 children.  He did everything he could to make his wife feel a happy woman with him. But alas, the character of Sophia was not designed for this.

The count died without saying goodbye to his wife, it is very hurt she did to him more than once. Even with the stepson Potocki Yuri she was in a close relationship, eventually he left her.

Live music always sounds in the Park

The Central part of the Park with a fountain.

There's a pleasure craft in the Park. The surrounding area is very beautiful!

Interesting women Potocki mother and daughter - Sophia Konstantinovna and Sophia Stanislavovna. If we talk about love, the mother Potocki loved immense love Potemkin GA and built in her honor the city of Nikolaev, and did not skimp on luxury for her. 

 And with other hand daughter Sophia Stanislavovna, was until the end of is correct to his husband, even after death. And the hero of the pen of A. S. Pushkin was ready to give everything for love of her, write some sources. What different and same assessment women, they conquered hearts men, but apparently purpose in life were different.


Throughout the Park there are sculptural compositions

The grotto of Fetid fascinates with its beauty.

The Valley Of The Giants

The entire Park to get around even in one day is not possible, so there is a service to ride on a mini-bus with a guide.

Park entrance

Park plan

This Park is a symbol of love, so couples try to visit this place.

Very much I like to visit this Park, to touch history and love. Imagine how lived Sophia Potocka as walking on this wonderful place. An interesting woman she was, a significant piece of left their presence on the territory of Ukraine.

Love each other and take care of your feelings! Travel and gather new information!

  Thank you for your attention! Today is another wonderful day! All good sentiments! 

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