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Help Us Save The Earth : A Freewrite Poetry


![smoke-258786__480.jpg]( [Source]( ... Would we have been Man, men, beast, all being Women and children, to the smallest bees Come, come, all man, come, see The end, the future, the repercussions, see Calm, set, fury, landless land far as the eyes can see Deserts of nothing, ruins like a sea. ... ... The wood made from paper, The leather made from the skin of adder From one pollution to another Enjoyment galore for those beyond the border Plagues ravages the weak, make a crying mother Down, the earth is depleting Up, the firmament is polluting While we live as if it's nothing. ... ... With a mighty triumph and tragedies Each strides of ours: joy and sorrow Earthquake in the west, tsunami for east Corrupted country down south The war front north, always angry All on earth, no flattery. ... ... Time, yes, time will pass The weak questioning the strong The strong made weak by unity Riots, uprising, yes, it's coming We will ask them, what was earth's offense That you deplete Mother Nature this bad. ... ...
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