Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology



First of all, I want to say that all the updates that are planned for the summer of 2019 on are going according to plan. The main work has already been done and the list of main crypto social networks and potential projects has completely passed all the checks. In the very near future new projects will appear in these lists. In addition, as you already know, dear readers, a few days ago the project CryptoDealer was launched, which has much time ago been promised. While this list is not so long, but it is already very convenient to use, thanks to various color indicators. And of course, many trusted websites and services will be added to this list later. And one more important point. There are not so many projects in the CryptoDealer list for investment and passive income, and so far Ethereal deserves close attention. But very soon there will be important changes and additions here, since last week we have been monitoring more than 50 ratings of investment projects and HYIPs. In this regard, I have high hopes for our BestCrypto group on the Telegram and the community site, recently joined by hundreds of new members. This is not all news. Due to the fact that the work on summer updates is going ahead with a clear lead, it was decided to completely update the Promotion section. And by the end of the summer, the corresponding banner on the Levelnaut website will point to a completely new page, where all the best projects for promotion, autosurfing, manual surfing, traffic exchange and arbitration will be considered in detail. Of course, this is still not all news. But at least you have already learned about the most basic ones and I think that this is a good reason to subscribe to the newsletter of the Levelnaut website, which does not bother anyone and contains only important and useful information. Boris Siomin,
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