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Early birds win


Yes, the title of this article is devoted to those users about whom the famous proverb speaks. What in our case, that is, in the crypto world, does the "early bird" metaphor mean? This term may be called differently. You have probably met such definitions as "early adopter", "alpha tester", etc. Or maybe you even received an invitation to a crypto social network before its official launch. I hope you took advantage of this invitation, as this is a very profitable and useful business. Many projects offer to subscribe to news long before the alpha version is ready. I always subscribe for several reasons and two of them are the most important. First, I want to be aware of how the project is developing and how its roadmap is being implemented. And secondly, very often the developers invite volunteers for the test in order to try out the functionality in work, report bugs, etc. It is not always in this case that coins earned during the alpha period remain on your balance sheet. But most often, if there is such an opportunity, the developers keep the balance sheets in the beta version. But it's not that only. While testing the alpha version you get a huge advantage over the majority of users. By the time the main group joins the project, you will already know how everything is arranged and you can earn more and faster. Many websites from the list of potential projects on the website are now in alpha version. Therefore, I recommend using my hint and controlling the early offer of crypto networks. I hope that this information will be useful for you and quite possibly you will also tell me about the crypto social networks that are in alpha. By the way, just yesterday I joined the new project at the personal invitation of the developers. But I will tell about it tomorrow, in the new review. Boris Siomin,
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