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Baflike at my PR laboratory


I hope you have not forgotten that we have a day of reviews today. I thought over rather a long time what project to present to your attention today. But then I decided to tell you about the most recent site, which had just appeared on Internet. So, I am glad to introduce you a new crypto social network called Baflike. Does this name seem a little strange to you? Then I will say it differently. Baflike is "Best About Forever like - BAFlike". I think that in this version you will understand more about this project. In other words, here you are offered to share the best and most interesting information with friends. Since this project is completely new, some functions here are not yet launched or do not work in full volume. For example, there is a wallet and you can even get your private key, but at your balance you can see... dollars instead of cryptocurrency. I don’t know why, but somehow this project reminds me of a crypto social network Sapien, which is quite successful in the market. The curatorship system is already working here and you can even give "hearts" and add "stars" to the best posts. By the way, like in other new projects, the referral program is still working in Baflike, so register by the link and you can immediately join my team of crypto social networks fans. The atmosphere in Baflike is very friendly and pleasant. Those projects that do not immediately extort money from new users are usually more likely to survive. If you press the "Earn money" button today, you will not see a large number of ads for viewing. But I think they will appear in the future. I have added this project to the TOP100 list on because I see good prospects. And you, dear readers, I recommend not to postpone the registration process, and start it right now. I hope you remember who wins in such cases. Boris Siomin,
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