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Introducing Bitcoin of the Cryptocurrency Market

As time progresses, not only do the people improve but also our surroundings and devices. The worlds we live in are full of people with innovative minds. Many have invented impressive gadgets, and now, without a doubt, you can even start and earn digital money or “cryptocurrencies” as the people from these networks might say.

“Cryptocurrencies” is what the people who earn money online call them. How do you earn money, though, you may ask? Well, there are a lot of networking sites that offer you this job; an example of those is bitcoinup trading software and introducing the “Mother of Cryptocurrency”, Bitcoin. They are a trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies in financial markets. Anyone can join as long as you sign up for an account and are ready for it.

Bitcoin got started being programmed and developed around 2007. On the 18th of August 2008, its domain name “” was signed up by an anonymous person. Later in October 2008, “Satoshi Nakamoto” announced that he was working on a peer to peer money transaction system. Earlier in 2009, Bitcoin was successfully updated and is now part of the innovative trading network.

Additional information, the developer of Bitcoin is still not known up to this day. He hides under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Some have already created theories about his identity, speculating that they are actually a team or a Japanese man because of the “Nakamoto.” Others just dismissed this, though.

Now, our next question would be, how does it work? It works based on advanced algorithms— they check who gets the most profitable trades in the market and start trading automatically. It uses big data as it makes informed trading decisions— meaning they apply their strategies the same to forex and stock markets in a much more high frequency of historical data. This benefits much and is more on the mark than human analysts. Another, they work much faster than humans since they can finish analyzing a huge amount of data as fast as seconds and then perform the trades.

Not only does Bitcoin use technical analysis to proceed with its tracing decision, but it also uses fundamental analysis as well. Technical analysis is what picks out trading options basing on the historical data whilst the other proceeds when the bot finds out tradable news and then continues to analyze it correspondingly.

Bitcoin is said to be easy, even for people who have no experience in this platform. Besides, it is easy to use, another benefit of it is that it does not take most of your time in managing your accounts (this is applicable in all automated software). You will only have to spend minutes each day to set how much you want to invest per trade as well as which currency you would interest in trading, leaving all of the other work for the automated bot. Once a trade is decided and matches your trading factors, the bot will start the trading process without your interruption.

Automated trading is a very advantageous way of earning money; you can even earn cryptocurrencies while you sleep. However, the automated bot indeed manages most of your account; you still need to check your account regularly. Finding more trading opportunities rather than relying on the bots will surely step up your trading accuracy; much accuracy means more money coming.

Last question; is it possible to withdraw your money from Bitcoin? Of course. You will be needed to submit requirements, and your digital money will be converted to flat money right away. Surprisingly since the government still does not acknowledge Cryptocurrency, there are already some stores that allow cryptocurrencies as payment. These are KFC, Burger King, and Microsoft.

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