Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Research Serey Block Explorer



Hello Serey users,

We are Bas and Max, and for a school project we are researching the Serey blockchain. We are asked to research the effects that a block explorer could have for Serey users. That’s why we thought let’s ask the Serey users what they think about a block explorer and if they would use it for the Serey blockchain.

Some of you may be asking yourself “What is a block explorer?”. Well, a block(chain) explorer is nothing more than a website that allows one to browse through blocks, view wallet addresses, transaction data and other key information that the blockchain contains. They are search engines made specifically to search the blocks of a blockchain.

To help us with our research it would be appreciated if you could answer or f

Would you use a block explorer? Have you ever used a block explorer?And do you think this adds extra value to the Serey blockchain. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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