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Beautiful Kashmir in India


India is incredible country where many religion, races and geographical differences has. Kashmir is one of the heaven of India which is not less in beauty or in culture .
Kashmir is known for natural beauties, food,climate but here i will highlight other few things which i think it should.
1 . Kashmiri Girl : Kashmir is beautiful and rich in its culture .Kashmiri girls are also one of them to highlight because their politeness, naturally humble behave and look all will mesmerize any of the tourist or traveller .

2 . Food : Kashmiri food basically called wazwan which is typically course of food item like Safron rice, Roganjosh ( a lamb preparation with spicy velvety gravy ) ,Yekhni ( rich curd based gravy ,lamb preparation) ,Kehwa ( Safron tea) .
These are the course of food item which is literally delicious and tasty .

3 . Climate: Kashmiri Climate is very adaptable and cold because of himalayas mountains range and forest greenery region .Either you are in Dal lake or Gulmurg ,you will get best experience of its climate .

4 . Culture : Do you want to ride Shikara which is basically wooden boat with beautiful decor where you can view Dal lake with peaceful mind. Boat market for flowers and other green item ,simply go to Kashmir.

5 . Best place for Tourism: Kashmir is integral part of india which is located near border of Pakistan and China .India removed one of the controversial bill called 370 article which was a great problem in between india and Kashmir region .
Now India is already Removed all the barrier which led problem . Kashmir having million of visitor on daily basis .

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