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I remember one day when I was in college, at a seminar that was attended by hundreds of participants. Suddenly the speaker stopped speaking and began giving markers and blue balloons to each participant. At that time all participants who were present were asked to write their names. them with a marker on these balloons. Then, all the balloons were collected and put into the next room.

After that the speaker said again!

"Attention to all participants, we invite you to move to the next room. Your job is to find and find balloons that have your own name written on them. The time given is 15 minutes and starts from now ..!

All the participants rushed to the next room, busy picking up the nearest balloon and trying to find their name. When the balloon in hand is not his own name, immediately the balloon is thrown and continues to look for the balloons thrown by the other participants. As a result, they collided with each other, pushed and fought over other participants nearby, causing chaos.

Even 18 minutes passed and only a few participants managed to find a balloon with their own name.

The speaker said again ...

"Stop ... !! Time is up. Please stand aside ... !!"

Feeling disappointed, the participants took off their balloons and pulled over.

So now, I'm asking you to randomly take a balloon and give it to the person whose name is written on the balloon ... !! "ordered the speaker.

In a relatively short time, with happy faces, each participant was holding a blue balloon with their own name.

The speaker then continued his words ...

"What can we learn from the balloon game we are playing today ..?

Incidents like this often occur in our daily lives, everyone, every human being, is always busy looking for happiness for himself at all times.

It's like looking for a balloon with its own name among hundreds of balloons with the names of other participants and of course many end up feeling disappointed because they failed to find the balloon they were looking for.

But it's different from the second session, when you want to think about even helping others. Just like when you pick up a balloon and give it to the person whose name is written on the balloon, you have helped your friend find success.

Likewise with yourself, you will find and accept your success because of the help of your other friends.

How meaningful our lives will be when we are able to realize that the help we provide can provide success for others.

And of course also when we are able to understand that the success we get is also inseparable from the help of other people.

Truly a harmonious life and deserves to be maintained because every human being definitely needs someone else in his life.

So, never forget the kindness of people to us and don't underestimate other people when success is in our hands, because in fact there is no lasting success.

And believe me. When we want to share happiness with others, then we are happy people.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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