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The reality that happened and you need to consider! ever since your baby has been stuffed with financial nonsense. Your view of finances depends on your environment.

If you were born in a poor neighborhood, it is the poor mindset that enters your mind from birth. Especially from 0 to 7 years of age who enter without screening. If at that time you saw your parents arguing and mentioning money, then you would think that money was the cause of the argument. Even though they fight not because of money, but because they don't have money. Likewise, every negative incident you would attribute to money because that's what people shout.

Ages 7-13-15 years have begun to filter, namely opinions and opinions that have been entered and have been given the wrong conclusion. The subconscious mind or the perfect 18 year old life map. Since the age of 18 your life map has been made, you just have to follow it, unless you accidentally or accidentally change the life map.

The thoughts about the money and wealth we derive from that environment are generally like this:

Money causes all problems. So why have a lot of money?

Money is not taken away. So why have a lot of money?

It takes hard work to get rich. Instead of getting sick from hard work, it's better not to be rich.

The rich man takes advantage of the poor. Don't be rich because of many sins.

With a subconscious mindset like that then you want to be rich and lots of money ?? That is something nil and impossible to happen. This mindset is then called the mental block in finance.

Is mental block bad? Of course not. That is fine and keeps you in balance. Until you know that out there, there is life that is much better than yours at that time. Your neighbors can live comfortably after opening this business. You want to copy it. Then the mental block becomes a problem for you. When you try to get rich by building this business that business, your mental block will get people to trick you and bankrupt you. When you start wanting to get rich by investing in livestock, your mental block will call for thieves, call for cheaters, call for disease. Whatever he can call on to help thwart you. He works 24 hours a day. He doesn't sleep when you sleep. That's what's called the Automatic Failure Mechanism.

But if you can get rid of that mental block, then your subconscious mind will turn into an Automatic Success Mechanism.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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