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Jadon Sancho admitted that he was experiencing a decline and denied that Man United was the cause of his decline


Jadon Sancho admits he is experiencing a decline in form at the moment. However, he stressed that his decline in performance was not his failure to move to Manchester United in the 2020 summer transfer window. 


Man United reportedly made Sancho the main game in the transfer last summer. They failed to get the 20-year-old player because Borussia Dortmund insisted on releasing the player for a transfer value of 108 million pounds. As a result, the England National Team (Timnas) player remained in Germany. He could move to Old Trafford in the winter transfer market which opens in January 2021. So far, Sancho has been less than optimal. He only scored two goals in nine appearances in the 2020-2021 German League. He also acknowledged the decline in his game, but he stressed that the decline in performance was not a matter of Man United.


After that Borussia Dortmund player, Jadon Sancho, denied that Manchester United was the cause of his decline. Jadon Sancho has not shown his form in the Bundesliga this season. Starting to defend Borussia Dortmund in 2017-2018, Sancho has been diligent in scoring goals and assists in the previous three seasons.


According to Transfermarkt, Sancho recorded 36 goals and 47 assists for the club nicknamed Die Borussen.


However, his performance slumped at the start of the 2020-2021 season. He has only scored two goals in all competitions so far. Sancho hasn't even scored in six matches in the Bundesliga, the top competition in the German league. The Englishman has only made three assists, and it is suspected that news of his transfer to Manchester United throughout the summer was the culprit behind Sancho's dropping form. Jadon Sancho became the main character throughout the market after Manchester United targeted him to be brought to Old Trafford. However, the transfer did not materialize until the window was closed. 


Sancho also denied that his performance had declined due to the constant news linking him to Man United. According to him, he is going through a difficult time that other footballers have experienced.


Jadon Sancho's Statement! "No, I don't think so. I feel like every player has had a bit of a downturn in their career and I feel like I'm going through it right now, I'm going to bounce back and I'm happy to have a manager who trusts and watches over me, he said when asked about the decline in his game to ITV, citing the Mirror, Saturday (11/14/2020).


Manchester United have been blamed by Borussia Dortmund coach, Lucien Favre after Jadon Sancho's form declined. According to him, the decline in the performance of Sancho Man United, who are aggressively pursuing their players in the 2020 summer transfer market. Lucien Favre assessed that Sancho's ability declined at the start of the 2020-2021 competition. He suspects the issue of a transfer to Man United to be a factor in the decline in his right winger. Every player has a slow period. There was a lot of talk about Jadon over the summer, something like that could be a factor (underperformance), No player is consistently at their best for a whole year, it's impossible. You have to accept it, he quoted Goal as saying.


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