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How do you help children lose fear when they speak in public?


Sometimes people are afraid to speak in public, they are filled with shame and nerves, so much so that they become paralyzed when they are in front of many people and only tend to withdraw. It is normal that this can happen to children when they are in full development, that they feel afraid to talk with people they do not know, or when they should speak in front of their teachers or classmates. This panic of public speaking is known as stage fright. That children learn to overcome this type of fear, guarantee their optimal personal and professional development. Source # Is it a problem that children are afraid to speak in public? The child when he is growing up will have to speak in public many times, especially in classes, when he has to make an exhibition, an act or any school activity. At the beginning it is normal that you may feel a little fear when expressing yourself in front of other people, but as you do it repeatedly, this fear may be overcome. Parents and especially teachers should be aware of the child's behavior when it comes to public speaking, in order to distinguish if it is a simple fear or can affect the child's emotions to a greater degree, in order to take appropriate measures. Source # Should the child be pressured to speak in public? Do not press a child to speak in public abruptly, as this would cause the child to feel more afraid and closed and every time he has to speak in public he does not want to try. The child should be given a lot of security and independence, so that he sees public speaking as a normal act. It is advisable to encourage communication habits in children to avoid the fear of speaking in public. They must involve children in situations where they can practice speaking in public, both at home and in schools, for example doing group work, performing plays, exhibitions and presentations where the child sees public speaking as something everyday. Source # Tips to help children speak in public. * Stimulate emotions at an early age. * Allowing the child to express his own ideas, this will make him feel safe. * Avoid making him feel bad in front of other people or children of the same age. *Motivate him to be better and better, teach him that he can be afraid, but with his help he can overcome it. *Read many educational stories. *Let them speak for themselves, not answer for them, or say they are shy in their presence. * Do not force it, or rush it. *Rehearse with the parents each activity to increase their confidence. *Congratulate him for each of his achievements. Source # Benefits acquired by the child learning to speak in public. Help speak in public to improve their communication and confidence skills, as well as to learn to develop other skills such as discussing, debating, organizing, persuasion and leadership. It is important that children lose their fear of speaking in public and of communicating their ideas, so that they can face any circumstance that may arise in the medium and long term. They will be safe, independent, sociable and very happy children. # ***With practice children can lose stage fright immediately, and can express themselves comfortably before any audience.*** # Follow @aronexxon
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