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Beneath the Norwegian Mountains Build the World's First Ship Tunnel


According to information currently circulating, it is believed that Norway will soon build the world's first ship tunnel, designed to help ships navigate the dangerous Sea of ​​Stadhavet. This plan was first announced several years ago by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. This 36 meter long tunnel runs through the mountains of the Stadhavet peninsula in northwestern Norway.

Estimates suggest that the construction will cost up to USD330 million and take between three and four years. The construction project will start in 2022.

"This is a project that has been in the works for decades. So it's great to finally be able to start construction work in one year," interim project manager Terje Andreassen of the Norwegian Coastal Administration told CNN Travel.

Nowadays, ships sailing around Stadhavet are often affected by tidal waves and bad weather. The coastline outside the peninsula is the most stormy area in Norway, with the typhoons you get a lot of strange currents here, "said Andreassen.

Sometimes ships have to wait for days at the nearest port for the weather conditions to improve. Inside the tunnels, however, the weather and tides shouldn't affect transit.

The tunnels are claimed to make vessel travel safer and smoother leading to high-speed ferry services and also strengthen industrial and commercial activity in the area.

"It will be better connected, it will be easier to travel," continued Andreassen.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration notes that while other tunnels can accommodate small ships and barges, no other underground roads have been built to serve large vessels.

This tunnel for ships on Stadhavet will dig through the narrowest point on the Stadhavet peninsula, which makes this work even more doable, as the tunnel won't actually take too long. Later entry into the tunnel will be controlled by a traffic light system. Excavation will be carried out via underground drilling rigs and pallet rigs. Constructing the tunnels will likely involve removing several buildings - and about three million cubic meters of rock.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration said the completed structure would be akin to a "large and long mountain hall". Although the tunnel is likely to attract the attention of infrastructure enthusiasts from around the world, the main purpose of the tunnel is simply to make transit on the Stadhavet Sea "safe" and "predictable".

Currently, it is not possible to go through the tunnel on foot, so if you are interested, taking a boat will be the only option.

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