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Today I try to discuss a good material because I believe all humans have experienced it. About the presence of PROBLEMS, PRESSURE, DIFFICULTY that comes in this life.

There is one story, namely the Story of Japanese Fishermen: Salmon and Sharks. In the Japanese menu, salmon will be more delicious to enjoy if the fish is still alive when it is about to be processed to be served, much more delicious than salmon that has been preserved with ice.

That is why Japanese fishermen always put their catch salmon into an artificial pond in the boat so that on the way to land the salmon will stay alive.

However, in fact, many salmon died in the artificial pond.

How do they get around this?

The fishermen put a small shark in the pool ..

Really magic ..!

The little shark "forced" the salmon to keep moving so that it would not be eaten by the little shark.

It turns out that many salmon are still alive and the number of salmon that die is actually very small ..!

Silence can make us die ...!

Moving makes us Live ...!# What makes us silent .. ??

When there are no problems in life, and when we are in our comfort zone. Situations like this often make us complacent, So complacent, that we don't realize that we are dying! Ironic, isn't it .. ??

What makes us move .. ??

Problems, Stresses, Difficulties and Life problems.

When trouble comes, automatically our instincts, subconcious mind, Our subconscious mind moves all our cells, keeps us active and tries to solve all the problems of life.

Not only that, we also become more creative, innovative, and our potentials will develop in an extraordinary way.


That we can learn a lot in this life not when the circumstances are comfortable, but precisely when we face the storms of life. Is that true?

That is why we are grateful for the presence of "little sharks" in this life that continue to force us to Move On and survive.

There is no path without obstacles and There is no life without tests, remember that behind difficulties there must be convenience.

Hope it is useful.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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