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Years ago, my mentor Mr. Husen talked to me on the back porch of the house in Batu. This is his second visit to my house to provide direct mentoring to me and Nila and some of my other friends. From Palembang by plane at your own expense, spend 2-3 days at home. At that time in his hand was a large plastic bag, which we usually use to line the trash cans. Maybe he took it from a drawer in the kitchen. He asked this: "sir @aronexxon, now you can chat with me casually, yesterday you practiced, went to the office, played with your children because of what? Why could you do all that?".

I frowned because I did not understand the direction of his conversation. Then he stood closer and apologized to me. The plastic bag was slowly tucked into my head. I also began to have trouble getting air. I didn't try to remove the plastic because I trusted Pak Husen. After a long period of difficulty breathing, the plastic bag was finally released from my head.# He sat back down and asked again: "When the head was covered with the bag earlier, what were you thinking?".

I replied: "I was just thinking how to get air".

He laughed and asked again: "Did you think about how good to drink this morning? Then where do we go? What else do you want to do?"

I answered according to what I thought: "All that was unthinkable. All I could think about was how to get air".

Then he started to explain that right now we CAN DO ANYTHING, because the air is very abundant around us, circulating in and out of our bodies. If there is limited air, then our minds will also be limited, namely how to get air. For example, when we drown, surely no other thoughts arise other than how to get air.

Money too, its nature is similar to air because without air we die, without money we are half dead. If money can freely enter and exit our lives, then we hardly ever think about money again. Our thoughts and attention can go to other things. Conversely, if money is not free to enter and exit because of small income or large expenses, then we will only think HOW TO GET MONEY. Anything else will get out of our minds.

That was the advice from Mr. Husen, my second mentor before being taken over by Mr. Limbat, who was even more knowledgeable. Now Mr.Husen joins WWF and is free to live in the forest for a wildlife rescue program. He is a very good person, sincerely guiding both of us and some of our other business friends.

Hope it is useful.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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