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After being vaccinated against the Corona Virus, a man in Thailand passed away


According to information circulating on several websites, an unexpected incident occurred in Thailand. A man in Thailand died about 10 days after being injected with the Corona virus vaccine (COVID-19).

As reported by Reuters, Friday (26/3/2021), Thai health authorities have appealed to the public to remain calm.

In this case, Sopon Mekton, immediately explained in a press conference that the cause of death of the man was an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and rupture. Sopon added that the Corona vaccination in Thailand will continue.

Sopon Mekton is Thailand's senior health official, Sopon Mekton, told a press conference that the unidentified man was injected with the Corona vaccine on March 3 and died on March 13. There was no further mention of the type of vaccine the man was using.

"I believe these deaths were due to aneurysms and were not vaccine related," said Sopon.

AAA is a condition in which the major blood vessels flowing from the heart are swollen and rupture of these vessels can be fatal.

Whereas in a separate statement I got, the local health officials,Tawee Chotpitayasunond, said that the man, whose age was not identified, had congenital health problems and had undergone surgery in January. He described the man's condition as a 'time bomb in the body'.

The Thai Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, encouraged the public to receive the Corona vaccine injection.

So far, Thailand has injected around 136 thousand doses of the Corona vaccine, with most of them using the Chinese-made Corona vaccine, Sinovac Biotech, but the AstraZeneca vaccine has also been given to the public.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha became the first to receive an injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Thailand on March 16. The AstraZeneca vaccine in Thailand was delayed several days after reports emerged in Europe about cases of blood clots among vaccine recipients.

Those vaccinated in Thailand have so far been front-line health workers or groups considered to be at high risk due to exposure to Corona, or because of their advanced age and those with previous congenital illnesses.

The Thai authorities have so far reported 28,577 cases of Corona in its territory, with the death of 92 people.

This is the information about after being vaccinated against the Corona Virus, a man in Thailand has died, I hope this information is useful.

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