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12 Rubi ul Awal



The 12 Rubi U Awal Jaloos is a yearly occasion held in the delightful city of Lahore, Pakistan. A parade is coordinated to recognize the birth commemoration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to praise the soul of Islam.

The parade begins from the Mughal-period Badshahi Mosque and takes a course that covers a few significant tourist spots in the city. The occasion is gone to by great many individuals, the two Muslims and non-Muslims, who meet up to show their affection and regard for the Prophet.

The 12 Rubi U Awal Jaloos is a visual exhibition, with members wearing bright customary dress, conveying standards and banners, and discussing strict refrains and psalms. The environment is electric, with the sound of drums and trumpets, and the roads are enriched with lights and blossoms.

The parade isn't simply a strict occasion, yet in addition a presentation of solidarity and fortitude among individuals of various religions and foundations. It is a demonstration of the multicultural idea of Pakistan, where individuals of various religions and identities coincide together as one.

The occasion is likewise a chance for individuals to ponder the lessons of the Prophet and to reestablish their obligation to carrying on with an existence of sympathy, consideration, and equity. It fills in as an update that Islam is a religion of harmony and that its message is one of affection and consideration.

As of late, the 12 Rubi U Awal Jaloos has confronted security worries because of the danger of psychological warfare. Notwithstanding, the public authority and the coordinators have gone to lengths to guarantee the wellbeing of the members and the observers.

Regardless of the difficulties, the occasion keeps on drawing huge groups and stays a significant piece of the social and strict texture of Lahore. The 12 Rubi U Awal Jaloos is a real festival, custom, and local area, and a demonstration of the persevering through soul of Pakistan.

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