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"Slow conversation by the fireplace" interview with the winner of the poetry contest "Golden Autumn" @nordman


Interview with Mikhail Koshelev Nordman

- It is a pleasure to communicate with a gifted writer and a versatile person. I know you Mikhail for more than one year, I am surprised by your diligence and versatility of genres. I want to acquaint users of Serey with you. And the occasion is wonderful - you became the deserved winner of the Poetry Contest "Golden Autumn" season 2023, your impressions of the contest?

- Good evening. I mostly write satirical poetry. Serious poetry for me is higher math. There are world masterpieces that make up the golden fund of poetry. The contest "Golden Autumn" gave me a rare opportunity to try to write something serious, from the heart. Readers can judge whether I succeeded or not, but I tried.

- Misha, who do you feel yourself to be? A writer, a former officer, an office worker or a retired person?

- Rather a retired person with a rich life experience and a whole wagonload of incredible mystic-fantasy stories that I share with the Reader in my works.

- Misha, is your favorite season of the year?

- Until recently, it was unequivocally summer. Now, as in that anecdote, the concept has changed. Perhaps, New Year's Eve winter and the end of spring.

- Your favorite city or place?

- My friends and I used to go to a deserted island with tents. In my mind and in my dreams, I'm there all the time....

- Is there anything you can't stand?

- The blatant lies that the vast majority of citizens believe.

- Who do you think has had the greatest positive and negative impact on our society in the 21st century?

- I don't see a personality on the scale of Academician Sakharov in the 21st century. And I don't even want to talk about scoundrels.

- Misha, what are your favorite animals?

- Dogs and horses.

- How do you usually like to recuperate after a busy week?

- For some reason I think they recover on their own. I just help them with daily exercises and light yoga.

- What attracted you to the field of Blockchain?

- The desire to show Readers my work. 

- Do you have any favorite authors in literature? Who, if it's no secret?

- Bulgakov, Vysotsky, Voynovich, Gaszek.

- Your favorite drink?

- Coke within reasonable limits.

- What qualities do you value most in people?

- Honesty, sincerity.

- Where else do you dream of traveling?

- To that desert island

- I know you as a serious writer of prose and poetry, yet you are modest, often. What other creative outlets do you have?

- Music, ballet, folk dancing, folk songs.

 - Do you have a cherished dream Misha?

- I only dream of peace

- What other literary project do you have in mind?


- I have more than one. I just don't want to write in a desk. That's why I'm grateful to Serey subscribers who read my work and support me. I would like more feedback.

- Will there be a sequel, your already much-loved character Ostap?

- Many of the novel's plot lines have become incompatible with our present day. So, for example, in 2018-19, I described in the novel the work of a sniper complex with artificial intelligence and an operation using underwater and surface marine drones. Now those chapters need to be reworked to avoid looking like a warmonger. And the characters from the novel "Ostap, Digital Return" have "scattered" to my other works, forming a kind of ecosystem from Ostap. For example, now I'm posting chapters from the novel "Internship", where the main character is Igor Rozumovsky, a member of Ostap's team in the main novel.

- I see that you are actively trying to help the development of Serey, what do you see as Serey's development strategy?

- Like any platform - unique and interesting content, not excerpts from Wikipedia mixed with the results of matches in the Premier League. The top managers of the platform should be the trigger for the appearance of such content. They should be the ones to promote talented work beyond Serey.

- Do you see prospects for this platform, have you decided to stay here for a long time?


- I have never left any platform of my own free will. Not only that, I have not received a single penny of remuneration from any platform. This is a hobby and a joy for me. So I will work as long as the platform lives.

- It's a pleasure to talk to you, it's warm and cozy here by the fireplace. Do you like to receive guests yourself?

- Depends on what kind of guests. Sometimes you feel unprecedented inspiration and joy when guests leave. And in general, any guest should see what time it is on the host's face.

- What do you wish for Serey users and why should new users come here, from your point of view?

- Serey is a place where any talented person will be appreciated. Come and create.

- Thank you Mikhail for being with us. I wish you success in fulfilling your goal in creativity and here on the Serey site


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