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Saman Dance, From the Gayo Plain to the Worldwide



Aceh has a variety of cultural and artistic cultures, in addition to the natural beauty that is shared by the side. The Acehnese are also known for their friendliness and also the Islamic Shari'a which binds them to the name of the Veranda of Mecca. The first country of Islam in the archipelago left a diversity of cultural customs that could not be separated from Islamic sources. On the other hand, Aceh culture is also mixed with various other cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism as well as European culture. [Video On Youtube]( Enjoying Aceh can be a cultural experience that is thick with Islamic nuances. Some time ago I was invited to a school event in Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. At that time the school was holding an Art Show for students and schoolgirls in the school. ![5maknagerakanpadatarisaman1562895106885.jpg]( After various kinds of arts and cultures are displayed such as drama, songs, pencak silat and sholawat. But in the next section, Saman Dance is one of the dances in Aceh. In the history of Saman Dance, it is told on the Wikipedia Indonesia Free page. That this dance originated from the plains of the Gayo tribe in Southeast Aceh. In the page it was also explained that the beginning of the Saman Dance was triggered and developed by Sheikh Saman in the XIV century AD. In 2011 ago the Saman Dance was designated by UNESCO as the Representative List of Intangible Heritage of Human Heritage in the 6th Session of the Inter-Governmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Non-UNESCO objects in Bali. Previously from the list, there were Wayang, Keris, Batik, Angklung, and finally, in 2012 there were Noken in Papua. ![Cover_Tari_Saman_Aceh1562895137026.jpg]( At that time, Saman Dance was one of the propaganda media. Before this dance is performed, adat leaders will give advice to the players and spectators. In addition, this dance performance is also thick with advice and preaching that are sung using Arabic and Gayo. In addition, this dance is usually also displayed to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. This dance reflects education, religion, manners, heroism, cohesiveness, and togetherness. Before the saman begins, which is as a mukaddimah or opening, there appears a smart old man or traditional leader to represent the local community (keketar) or useful advice to the players and spectators. Now, this dance is an official dance that usually marks the reception of distinguished guests between districts and state guests at the opening of festivals and other state ceremonies. "As quoted on the Wikipedia page, Songs and poems that are used together and continuously, the players consist of men who are still young in traditional clothes. The presentation of the dance can also be performed, contested between guest groups and the one-off group (two groups). Assessment is focused on the ability of each group to follow the movements, dance and songs (poetry) presented by the opposing party. " ![warga-ceko-terpesona-tari-saman-asal-indonesia1562895157002.jpg]( The Saman dance uses two elements of motion which are the basic elements in the saman dance, namely clapping and clapping the chest. Allegedly, when spreading Islam, Sheikh Saman studied ancient Malay dances, then brought back through motion accompanied by poems of Islamic da'wah in order to fade his da'wah. In the present context of the dance, it is also still used for the means of conveying da'wah and also the values ​​of local wisdom in Aceh. Saman dance is one of the dances that are quite unique because it only shows the applause of other movements, such as shaking, kirep, lingang, surang-saring (all of these moves use the Gayo Language). Nevertheless, this dance is easy to learn and also easy to play. [] Source: - [Youtube Amriadi Al Masjidiy]( - [Wikipedia Indonesia (Saman Dance)]( - [Wikipedia Indonesia (Register Unesco]( - [Indonesia Kaya](
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