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Questioning Polygamy in Aceh



![t5es.png]( As a casual conversation between me and the head of the Atjeh Seurantau Youth yesterday, it seems that we agree with polygamy. Long before there was a legal polygamy discourse in Aceh, I had talked about the positive values ​​of polygamy and had to be applied in various places. I wrote this first in 2015, for more information, please read here. Back about the issue of polygamy in Aceh which met the pros and cons between women and men. Laws that are legally enforced by polygamy and marriage laws also allow marrying more than one wife. This is contained in Law No. 1 of 1974 in Chapter 1 Article 3 which reads "Courts, can give permission to a husband to have more than one wife if desired by the parties concerned." Check here in full. So the law in Indonesia gives space for men to have more than one wife. But why did the DPRA blow the Polygamy discourse on the grounds that it wanted to protect women? Polygamy is indeed a real justice for women if they want to be heartened. This question is as complete as we discussed in the article of 2015, please read again. Is the legality of polygamy very important compared to every time a power failure occurs in Aceh, all things are expensive and various other problems. Such as inadequate education, the number of poor people and unemployed. Why is it very crucial and certainly the responsibility of the Aceh government for the people. In terms of religious and sharia law, polygamy is legitimate. A law that is valid in religion no longer needs to be made in human law and law. Enough to run and provide space for enforcing the Shari'a. Similar to the prohibition of eating pork which does not need to be praised or qanun, Muslims must know that pork is illegal. So this is not an achievement for the DPRA if this is legitimate to become a law. Will be outstanding and I will admit it if the DPRA realizes Helsinki's MUO points such as the Aceh flag and others. It is also possible if the DPRA drafted a law for unmarried facilities and is not charged with an excessive dowry. We all know that many singles who are not married, one of the factors is the high cost of marriage in Aceh. If the DPRA wants to arrange a marriage issue, then the DPRA does not need to marry. Don't just be selfish who already has many wives like some elites in Aceh. ![a4.jpg]( Provide opportunities for Acehnese children to work more important than polygamy. This does not mean that I am against anti-polygamy. I have discussed various perspectives on polygamy. I also agree with the legality of Polygamy, but that is not very important for Aceh at this time. As Acehnese children who are still single, obviously, they must protest against this policy. Because people who are able to get married quickly 2-4 wives, for those who can not afford it will continue to decrease their quota even if only an idol of his heart. So, the good DPRA should help the law to ease the singles to get married, and that will reward you. Because it helps hundreds of singles in Aceh. About the video yesterday, the Ketum Pemuda Atjeh Seurantau was married. So it's natural that he agrees with polygamy and will be an example for other regions. Unmarried people agree, too, but don't spend our rations. Please, may the DPRA consider?[]
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