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New Zealand



![Mount-Taranaki-New-Zealand.jpg]( We’ve saved the best for last! Or, at very least, the biggest. Few people on planet Earth haven’t heard of New Zealand: little brother to Australia, a land equal parts old world-Polynesia and new age Western. Though English is a native language and the island has long been part of the British Commonwealth, much of the exceedingly rich cultural heritage of the Polynesian Maori people persists and is, in fact, a huge draw for many. Wellington is the capital and Auckland is the biggest city, though many will tell you that few come to NZ for its urban centers. ![Blooming-Lupins-on-the-Coast-of-Lake-Tekapo-in-New-Zealand.jpg]( Why go? Other draws to this enormous island include the fact that it provided the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Stopping by modern day Hobbiton is a great way to take in NZ natural wonder and cultural importance. Not a film buff? Well then, you’d be equally happy dipping in Lake Tekapo (or staying at a B&B in town), staring into local fjord Milford Sound, or wading through the Waitomo Caves to take a gander at the millions of glow worms who call them home. ![Cathedral-Cove-at-sunrise-Coromandel-Peninsula-New-Zealand.jpg]( ![House-with-blue-door-at-Hobbiton-Movie-New-Zealand.jpg]( ![Sunrise-over-Emerald-lakes-on-Tongariro-Crossing-track-Tongariro-National-Park-New-Zealand.jpg]( ![Waitomo-Caves-Waikato-New-Zealand.jpg](
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