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Disney: brand, product and promotion channels


Disney Corporation can make an example of an integrated approach and a reference to the use of marketing communications. A long-term business based on the founder’s talent, Walter Disney, and his ability to create the best animated films in the world, in the mid-80s of the 20th century, was formed from just a successful company into a corporation that developed into national scales and a single industry, using integrated marketing in brand promotion. Disney manufactures a specific product in the entertainment industry - cartoon characters that children and adults around the world love. This product creates copyrights that allow you to develop several areas: movies, theme parks, television and radio networks, branded goods, toys, entertainment, sports, ocean cruises, etc. The uniqueness of The Walt Disney Company is that its products simultaneously performs the functions of the channels of its promotion and distribution. Recognizable images fix clear associations and interconnections, promoting related products, to which they are applied in the form of a logo, animated drawing, mentioned in the title, etc. Disney Company owns the product and all means of its targeted delivery to end users. This corporation can be a model of how the same firm closes the whole chain of the product life cycle: from design, through creation and distribution, to consumption. Disney's Studio presented children with such world-famous and recognizable fairy-tale characters as the rabbit Oswald (1927), Mickey Mouse (1928), Pluto (1930), Goofy (1932), Donald Duck (1934) ... All my life, so completely and not matured storyteller and multiplier Walter Disney had a dream to create their own fairy kingdom for children and their parents. And he was able to implement it! In 1953, on the income from the activities of his animation studio, he bought land fifty kilometers south of Los Angeles, where the large-scale construction of an unprecedented amusement park with fabulous characters was launched. Disneyland opened July 17, 1955 Disney Company was one of the pioneers who were the first to embody such a phenomenon as the combination of goods and its distribution channel, and also give it a truly international character. Nowadays, to visit the Disneyland theme park is not necessarily to visit the United States. The Disney entertainment industry offers 11 huge theme parks and 2 water parks in various parts of the world: for example, in France or in Japan. Since the first amusement park of amusement rides opened in Anaheim in 1955, this idea has been carefully developed and successfully replicated. In 1971, the Disney World was opened in Florida (Orlando), and in 1992, in the suburbs of Paris, it received the first visitors of the Eurodisneyland. The Walt Disney Company not only makes films and opens theme parks. Her heroes, who are adored by children of the whole world, are found everywhere: on clothes, backpacks, towels; promoting sales of all these branded products. The Walt Disney Company owns several of the largest television and radio networks, including such giants as ABC and the ESPN sports television network. In total, The Walt Disney Company owns over 500 information channels, thanks to which it is both a supplier and distributor in the multimedia industry. Disney Cruise Line is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and is focused on family vacations with children. Four ocean liners of the company are styled as “Disney motifs” - this is a paradise for children. They are entertained by cartoon characters, there are several children's clubs by age and highly professional shows. Children travel at an adult rate with small discounts, sometimes there are promotions - "children are free." In 2014, two ships from the Disney flotilla, Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder, were recognized as the best cruise liners in the world according to the authoritative Cruise Critic website. In March 2016, a decision was made to expand and an order was issued for the construction of three new liners with a displacement of 135 thousand tons, designed for 4,000 passengers, and working on liquefied gas. The design is under development, and the construction of ships will be engaged at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg (Germany). Commissioning is scheduled for 2021-23. Disney Corporation is included in the most popular Dow Jones industrial index, and its current market capitalization in 2017 is $ 177 billion. For comparison, in the mid-90s the company's annual turnover exceeded $ 10 billion, and the annual profit was $ 1.1 billion, which amounted to a sevenfold increase from 1985 figures. The company's revenue figures: 1985 - $ 110 million, 1998 - $ 1.8 billion, 2014 - $ 8.4 billion. Foto: [1]( [2]( [3]( [4]( [5]( [6](
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