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My mornings poem



Ishq's love is like those of us who read the time for themselves too. Girls think that how big is this boy who does not want to live among the girls. Just a short time, if there is a lack of friends, then it is quite certain that girls do not want to be together. @alexcharlie![IMG_20190311_090338.jpg]( Today morning which person who loves poem so guys please read my poem and enjoy I wrote in leanguages of one poem, at first upper side in English leanguages and down side Hindi language I hope in two leanguages read my poem इश्क़ के मोहताज है हम जैसे लोग जिसे खुद के लिए भी वक़्त निकालना पढ़ता है । लड़कियों को ये लगता है कि कितना अहमक है ये लड़का जो लड़कियों के बीच रहना तक नहीं चाहता। बस वक़्त कि कमी है दोस्तो नहीं तो वो को सा सख्श है जो कि लड़कियों का साथ ना चाहता हो ।@alexcharlie @ sereycommunity
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